Monday, April 25, 2011

We Rock Our World!

Yes, we can cook. But we can do something else. From cooking down to driving, from shopping to playing; here we are playing a game called Rock Band. It is a game in PS3 and Xbox360 that uses musical instruments as controllers. This activity was only one of our numerous plans set in our minds. I just wanted to share this to show that we hangout not only as cousins, but also friends. This is only rare. We defy the meaning of it. We rock our world!

Additional Photos

Here's our leader of the group, Kuya Seven. Look at this picture. He did a creative thing. We don't have a microphone stand. He wanted to sing while playing guitar, so he put the microphone under his shirt. What a unique idea!

Losing control of the song as he flies in the air. :)

I am controlling the beat of the music. Although the mode of the drums is in Normal mode (The accuracy and speed of the actual beat were reduced). However, once you do the Expert mode, you'll become a good Drummer. Hahaha.

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