Thursday, November 3, 2011

JSV Productions

Hello, readers (in case there are still any)

Okay, I know my blog just died (again) and I am very sorry. Like usual, I'm reviving it after leaving it not updated for months. Hm, it's been a while huh. I don't know why but it seems like I just don't have any interesting stories to share to make me blog. Well, there are a lot of things happening but I just don't know why but it doesn't urge me to. :(

Anyway, what is JSV Productions? Well, JSV, to start of with is a group composed of five people namely me, Steven, Judy, Patricia, and Vigie. Well, basically we are all related and we are cousins. Our little group started way back when we were so young. I wasn't a member yet when they formed the group. So I was around 2 or 3 when I joined.

So now, we are really taking it to the next level. It started with the cooking. And afterwards, we decided to blog about everything we do. We thought it would end right there. I mean, we thought that it would all stop with the cooking, traveling, and our happy bonding moments. But no, we are actually having a part-time business. Since we realized that we are all in to photography and editing stuff, we could actually provide services like event photo coverage, photo shoots, and video editing in exclusive packages.

Besides sharing our skills, it would also help us to earn money. So it's a win-win for all of us. We enjoy, we impart, and we gain benefits! :)

Well, we had a photo shoot. Of course, the models were just us. Just to show our photography. Sample of pictures are the ones above. (Of course, what else would it be. -___- *sarcasm*)

For more pictures, visit our website at

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Found Something from my Blog!

Post Entitled "JSVPC Reunited" Dated 3 Years Ago when we were younger and fresher! HAHAHAHA!

"Around 10:30 am, we arrived at Tagaytay Tropical Greens at Mendez, Cavite. I was so excited for this birthday party of my nephew Iñigo because the venue is really good because of its cool climate. By the way, Iñigo has turned one last June 12th, but the celebration was held June 15th so that everyone would be free and celebrate. So after me and Ate Judy ate lunch, we took a walk outside the clubhouse and saw Vigie and Caren. two other cousins that we seldom see these days. Though our houses are not that far, we are really so busy with many things. Vigie or Carlos is now 14 and in third year high school and Caren is 11 and graduating Elementary this year. So after they ate, we went beside the pool to watch the smaller kids have fun wading! Then Patricia my niece, came. She is now currently second year high school.

JSVPC by the way stands for Judy, Seven(Me), vigie, Patricia and Caren. It started with JSV then as the other two became kids, our mini-club has emerged. During my late elementary and early high school days, They always come to our house and we would play the whole day! So this party really made a big reunion to us 5 because it has been years that we saw each other again and bond like this.

Tricia and Caren Blowing talahib blossoms

Vigie (back) Caren, Tricia and Judy while we are taking a walk around the village

Me on one of the beautiful Houses inside the village. The house has three buildings. the main house, another small isolated room and a beautiful Victorian gazebo


Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

June 13, 2011

Photo shot on my Birthday Celebration last June 4th as part of my Flag Collections.

Yesterday here in the Philippines, Today, in other Parts of the World, June 12th marks the 113th Anniversary of Philippine Independence. On this Day, the Filipino People celebrates and commemorates the National Heroes of the Past and the Present. I have always been a Proud Filipino and will FOREVER be Proud to be Pinoy!

May I teach you the Filipino Word which means Long Live! It is "Mabuhay". Long Live the Philippines, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

In celebration of the Independence Day, I made a short Essay which I dedicate to all the Filipinos across the Nation and Across the Globe. It is Entitled "Munting Handog ni Sir Steven sa Bawat Pilipino" or in English, Sir Steven's (I'm a Teacher and people call me Sir ^^) small offer to Every Filipino. It is written in Filipino to give respect to our own Language. To all the Filipino's, This one is for you all.


Kung bibigyan ako ng Diyos ng Isang Milyong Buhay, Ang aking Hiling ay Isang Milyong Beses nya ako gawing PILIPINO! Napakalaking Karangalan ito para sa akin! IBA ANG PINOY! IPAGPATULOY NAWA NATIN ANG NASIMULAN NG MGA TUNAY NATING MGA BAYANI!

Hindi dahil hindi ka sangayon sa Pangulo at sa kanyang mga pinapakita, ay hindi ka na kikilos! KUMILOS KA PARA SA IKABUBUTI NG BANSA! KUMILOS KA PARA SA MGA KABABAYAN MONG MAHIHIRAP AT NAGUGUTOM! Aking Hiling ay matutunan ng bawat Pilipino ang maging Pilipino, Pilipinong para sa Pilipino! Hindi kailanman magmamaliw ang pagibig ko sa Bayan ko kagaya na lamang ng walang maliw kong pagsusulat ngayon bilang pagdiriwang ko sa araw ng Kalayaan!

Hindi dahil sukdulan ng aking mga pangarap ang marating ang bawat nasyon sa mundo at maikot ang buong daigdig ay nagiging traydor na ako sa aking bansa. Sa totoo lang, kaya ko din gustong maglakbay ng maglakbay ay upang ipakita ko sa buong Mundo kung ano ang isang TUNAY NA PILIPINO! Nagawa ko na ito sa paglalakbay ko noong Marso at masasabi kong naipakita ko ang isang halimbawa ng tunay na Pilipino. May respeto at paghanga sa ibang kultura, ngunit taas noo at ipangunguna ang bansang PILIPINAS!

Sana ay mamayani sa puso ng bawat Pilipino ang pagaalab ng TUNAY AT WAGAS na PAGMAMAHAL SA PILIPINAS. Sapagkat Kahit na sino pa ang umupong Pangulo at mga opisyal natin, kung wala tayong TUNAY na PAGMAMAHAL SA BAYAN, walang pagbabagong magaganap. Napakalaki padin ng paniniwala kong babangon ang Pilipinas ngunit kailangan itong magsimula sa BAWAT ISANG PINOY! MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!!!

Ipagmamalaki ko hangang sa kahulihulihan kong hininga na ako ay Pilipino!


Stevenson Masdal Que

Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Mabuhay ang mga OFW's! Mabuhay ang mga Bayani! MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sky-watch Friday!

Photo taken from the Bali Hai Bayside Patio during my cousin's wedding while we were fixing the area. Sorry if we've been inactive lately on Skywatch! Hoping to get back on track with you Skywatchers!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


This post is originally from my blog: 

Ignore how fat I look in that picture if you're monitor's resolution is 1024x768 like this laptop. ANYWAY. So have you ever had the feeling that you've escaped reality? Well, I guess my place would always be the beach. It's been like three years since I last visited any beach. Well, I told you. I don't have a life. I don't usually go out on summers. Though it's the middle of spring now here in California that's why it was freakin' cold when we went at Coronado beach last Saturday, May 14th. I just felt like blogging today. Never really planned on blogging about this. I was asked to make a post about Knott's Berry Farm but sadly I'm no good with making entries with like.. what we did. O__O Cos it would be all like, we did this then we did that then that and oh it was fun.. yeah. It would suck. But I shall think about it though.

So yeah, at the Coronado beach. Hm. We only went there cos there's a really big possibility that we won't be coming back there like for a  very loong time. Or should I say here in the United States? Well, we've realized that we don't want to live here. Life is not here. Life has always been in the Philippines. My life -- my everything. Family, Friends, school, and all those kind of things. I grew up there. There's too much to leave behind. Okay, you could be all like "Dude, everyone wants to go in the United States. Don't waste your opportunity." Lol, I've heard that all before. But my decision is final. It's just my mom that wants me and my brother to stay here. Well, you don't have to be in America to be big. Anyone could be big regardless of where you came from. So yeah, I don't need America. :) Well, for me okay? I don't know with you guys. Just my opinion.

So I guess we just had to do what we have to do while we're still here. Like what? LA baby! We're going to LA. Maybe this May 28th and I can't wait. I guess I might make a post (if you guys want to) about it. But I'm not going to promise anything that it would be ahhh-some. lol. But whatever. :)

And oh, this is the sunset at 7:02 PM.

Beautiful, ain't it? :) We stayed there until like 7:58. lol. And we missed our bus at 7:55. Curse American time huh? They always had to be on time. lol. So we had to wait for like another hour. It was freakin' cold so we couldn't stay at the bus stop. As a fan of photography, I saw a gallery nearby. I asked my brother to come with me. It was Dan McGeorge's gallery. I'm not really familiar with him but he has really good pictures. He takes pictures from around the United States but sadly he as out with his class. So I didn't had the chance to meet him. :( Though we hung out with Fran, the person there and she told us all about Dan and his photography. She even asked us that we should come back to say hello and so that we could meet Dan. She told us that we should visit the Hotel del Coronado which was built in 1855, I believe. And it was just a block away from the gallery. So I guess that would be a part of my agenda. :) She says it looks like the Titanic. She had me at Titanic. Hotel Del, we're coming for you.

Btw, visit Dan's website at:

Instantly a fan.

Watching: Some TV show I don't know.
Eating/Drinking: Nothing.
Listening: Parachute by Train.
Reading: Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh
Picture info/s: Me at the Coronado Beach.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Destination: California

Hello, people. Caren speaking. I know it's been a long time since we last blogged. So let me tell you what happened for the last few weeks.

Last May 4, I and my brother Vigie, together with my mom, flew to the United States. We will be staying here for like a month and head back home to the Philippines. See, in that picture there is the view from our window. We are guessing that we are in the international dateline. We can see how night shifts to day. From dark to light. It's kind of like going back into time. May 4 was just about to end. But after we passed the dateline, it just barely started! But before that, let me show you the things we did during the trip.

The first picture is me wearing my JSV bracelet at NAIA international airport.We were in a line to check our baggages in. We were boarding at 12:40 and finally leave the country at 1:20pm and head to our first stopover was in Seoul, Korea. The second picture is Metro Manila from above! And finally, the last picture is  the view in Incheon when we arrived the airport. (Note: Click the photo to enlarge)

We arrived at around 5 in the afternoon and our next flight was at 8:45 in the evening. We were so bored so we started going around the airport since we can't go outside. We tried out some stuff like wearing Korean dresses or the Hanbok. According to Wikipedia, Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means "Korean clothing", hanbok today often refers specifically to hanbok of Joseon Dynasty and is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations. Modern hanbok does not exactly follow the actual style as worn in Joseon dynasty since it went through some major changes during the 20th century for practical reasons. The lady also told us that female put their right hand over the left hand while the male put theirs the other way.

At exactly 8:45pm, (7:45pm in the Philippines) We finally boarded to our plane. Next stop? California, baby. So on the way, we shot that international dateline photo and watched unlimited movies and all the things you do in a plane. I also took a picture of Los Angeles from above as you can see in the picture on the right side. 

We finally arrived at Los Angeles, California at 3:55pm. We were so glad to have a safe trip. What's next? A month-full of adventures! So better watch out! California, here we go!

Monday, April 25, 2011

We Rock Our World!

Yes, we can cook. But we can do something else. From cooking down to driving, from shopping to playing; here we are playing a game called Rock Band. It is a game in PS3 and Xbox360 that uses musical instruments as controllers. This activity was only one of our numerous plans set in our minds. I just wanted to share this to show that we hangout not only as cousins, but also friends. This is only rare. We defy the meaning of it. We rock our world!

Additional Photos

Here's our leader of the group, Kuya Seven. Look at this picture. He did a creative thing. We don't have a microphone stand. He wanted to sing while playing guitar, so he put the microphone under his shirt. What a unique idea!

Losing control of the song as he flies in the air. :)

I am controlling the beat of the music. Although the mode of the drums is in Normal mode (The accuracy and speed of the actual beat were reduced). However, once you do the Expert mode, you'll become a good Drummer. Hahaha.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

JSV Marble Cookies

As part of the endless list of JSV Agenda's We are to Bake some cookies! Not Ready-Mix Cookies that are sold on Groceries but the "REAL" Cookie Thing! The ones where we follow a recipe (Did we really follow it?) and cook it ourselves. We then went to SM Rosario to grab the Ingredients! Led by our Transportation Department Head, Vigie Boy, together with Me, Judy, Caren and the kids Abrielle and Charles (Tricia, We Miss you!!!) Went home and after an afternoon Yakisoba Boodle Feast, we started the Main Event!

By the way, just like the Title of the recipe shows, this is actually a Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. But due to the lack of Chocolate Chips, we just used about 5 pieces of Chocolate Truffles and chopped it. As it melted, instead of choco chunks, it blended with the batter making the Marble Look so then we called it Marble Cookies. Step by Step, may we proudly present, the Marble Cookies ala JSV!

Let's Start with the Ingredients. By the way, we only use the Highest Quality Ingredients for our Kitchen Masterpieces.

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda (Dissolved in 2 teaspoons of Hot Water)

2 tablespoons Vanilla Essence

2 cups Brown Sugar

2 Medium Sized Eggs

3 cups All-Purpose Flour

1 cup melted butter

After all the Ingredients have been gathered and prepared, it is now time to start with the procedures.

1. Preheat the Oven for about 10 minutes at a stable heat of 350 degrees Fahrenheit so that the cookies will be cooked equally from the crust to the core. It is a good idea to start preheating the oven while you prepare the cookie batter.

2. Start creaming the melted Butter and the Brown Sugar. It would look somewhat like this and you should make sure that all the melted butter blends with the brown sugar.

3. When your Butter and Brown Sugar mixture is ready, you can start beating in the eggs one at a time. While dropping the eggs, make sure you continue mixing. While Vigie was cracking the eggs and I was mixing it along, Caren was taking these wonderful documentations. By the way, this became quite messy because Vigie dared me to crack the eggs with the use of my Palms, no Nails, just one single Palm. I did it and they were amazed but some of the egg whites splattered on my pants, face and my eyeglasses!

4. Continue mixing and the batter should look like this. Very creamy but not so thick. After all the dry ingredients are creamed together with the eggs, it is now time to add the Vanilla Essence and then after mixing, it should look like this one, below

5. Then, we add the Three cups of All-Purpose Flour. to prevent the Flour from blowing around the place (though it still did and went through my pants and Carens') Add the Flour Cup by Cup while continuously mixing the batter.

6. When the batter is properly folded, it should look like a bread dough, thus it is called a cookie dough! Add the Chocolate Chips or whatever you wish to add to your yummy cookies! We used Chopped Chocolate Truffles :)

7. Place the cookies on a Baking Tray depending on the size you desire. It is a good idea to press the middle part of the cookies before placing it in the oven to make sure that all the parts, especially the middle part of the cookie, will be properly baked.

8. When it is not properly pressed, it would rise up a bit and the middle part would be cakey (though it still tastes YUMMY!!!)

9. Bake it inside the oven for around 10 - 15 minutes depending if you like soft chewy cookies or the crispy and crunchy ones!

This cookie recipe can make up to 50 normal sized cookies. After we have finished cooking everything, we had dinner and we haven't got to eat most of it because we felt really full! Though a little taste really made us really satisfied because whatever the taste may be, the most important part of everything that the JSV Group does is the fun that comes with it. We had so much fun and we can really say we baked something REAL! Not the ones we did before using ready-mix brownies (WHICH IS REALLY GOOD AS WELL)

Long Live JSV!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Skywatch Friday!

Shot at Antipolo Church, Antipolo, Rizal 

As the whole Philippines remember the passion of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ, we solemnly pray for the world and all its people.

This is our very first Skywatch Friday Post! Join Skywatch Friday by clicking on the Imagelink below

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The making.

After being planned for about a month now, we have finally made it! Truly, the JSV (which stands for Judy-Seven-Vigie) has gone to the next level. So how did we even thought about making a blog? And how did we make it? Let's see what happened.

Seven and Caren, together with Vigie and Patricia, were supposed to bake cookies yesterday. Sadly, it was postponed. We decided to move it to Saturday (better watch out!) and decided that we should do a blog today. Of course, we did our blog in our JSV Headquarters (aka, New General Lumber) We kind of had a hard time doing the blog, mostly because of the template. We kept on searching for a good ones. And yes, we did find some good ones but we ended up doing it ourselves. Our theme is Mac-inspired. Though it doesn't look very Mac-ish. It's just the silver and white theme and the reflections.

But it was also hard doing the navigation bar above. We kept on failing. That's another thing that took our time. Besides all the designing and creating multiple accounts on different websites (plus a couple Rebecca Black distractions) So pretty much, we were doing this all afternoon. Not much, but it was fun creating it. This blog has only started. So you better watch out for the epic adventures the JSV will make. We hope that you will have a great time reading our blog. :)

More photos from this afternoon.


There were also this kind of distractions. LOL. Not really related with the topic but we just wanted to share. :)
"Minutes to Midnight"

"Pen holder"